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Care for the style and warmth of your pet with Adidog Hoodie. We all love to stay comfortable around the house in our favorite sports jumpers and track pants so why should it be any different for the fur babies. 

Keep fur off your furniture and home and catch it in the Hoodie, allowing you guilt-free cuddles and home relaxing in front of the tv or however you want to wind down with your loved pet

If you’re not going to miss a daily walk or run you can take your pet with you now when it’s cold the Adidog Hoodie is the perfect thickness and material to keep them warm yet not overheat during exercise just like the clothes you would be wearing.

Sizes from XS to 9XL in 7 colors


With stretchable legs it is easy to fit your pet’s front legs through without risking a tear in the jumper or hurting your pet’s foot, Doesn’t annoy your pet it can stay on all day.


Don’t just blend in at the dog park. Stand out as the fit, fun lovingly, free to run and happy dog with style in an Adidog Hoodie With a large range of colors to choose from have a different hoodie every day of the week.


Adidog Hoodie is made strong to handle the grueling life of a dog outdoors. At the end of the day or night, it can be easily machine washed. Keeping the majority of the Fur in the Hoodie will make cleaning your home a lot easier and let the washing machine or sink deal with the Fur.


Adidog Hoodie has a HUGE range of sizes, if you refer to our size chart and get the measurements for your pet you’ll find the perfect fit from Cats, small dog breeds to the largest of dog breeds 


Material: 100% Cotton
Type: Dogs / cats
Season: All seasons
Model Number: Dog Clothes
Suitable For: Large, Medium, Small Dogs & Cats


The size of each product is different. Do not choose based on buying habits. Before ordering, please check the size table carefully and choose the size that suits you. Consider the postage time if buying for growing dogs, please reserve more space. For the bust and back length, two values must be selected correctly.

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