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#1 Butterfly Stakes Decoration

BRING LIFE TO YOUR HOME: Spring is here! Enhance any garden or indoor house plant with our Butterfly Stakes Decoration. These beautiful butterfly stakes are connected to the butterflies using springs to simulate natural movement.
MAKE YOUR BACKYARD MODERN AND BEAUTIFUL: Everything you need is included to add vibrant color to your most cherished plants. Give your garden an amazing colorful look with the Butterfly Stakes Decoration.
IMPRESS EVERYONE: Any blossom will become a butterfly flower with the Butterfly Stakes Decoration. They look wonderful in the backyard, but are just as fun indoors in a plant, by a window sill, or added into a flower bouquet. 

Let the Sun Shine through these Beautiful Colorful Butterfly Stakes!

Are you still annoyed by how to beautify your garden, patio, and other places? Now let your gardenyard be full of these beautiful butterflies decoration. Add life to any flowerpot or planter.
 The spring on the stakes makes it vibrate with the wind when it blows, just like a real butterfly. Our Butterfly Stakes Decoration is perfect for decorating your gardens, flower beds, pot plants, window boxes and also suitable for indoor displays.
Make your backyard feel like butterfly season all year round! Main Features

Millions of Colors
The wings can be pushed open or shut for varied display on you lawn. It seems just like an alive butterfly is flying! Sprinkle a few of these around, and every time you see one, you’ll think of all the beauty in the world.
18 Different Butterflies
Now you can enjoy the same wonderful decorative garden stake designs for your larger yards! They can be placed to hover over taller bushes and flowers, and can be seen from a noticeable distance as well.
Perfect Gift
If you find yourself giving people flowers often, keep a small collection of these around for a special memorable treat. When the flowers are gone, they’ll always have a few butterflies around to remind them of their joyous days.

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