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The world’s first water weight for your workout!

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Enjoy a full body workout indoors or outdoors, at home, on the beach, at the gym or on vacation.

✅ The wide range of workouts and change in intensity make the water-filled weight an ideal fitness product to improve explosiveness, balance, stability and flexibility.

✅ With a weight full of water, the workout activates more muscles than traditional equipment.

✅ During the workout, the whole body has to work hard to move and control unstable water.

✅ The intensity can be easily adjusted to the desired level by adding or removing water.

✅ Start with a little water, then increase reps per workout, and eventually you can add more water for additional weight and thus more intensity.

Multi Trainer Water Bag – adjustable weight functions:

Material: 100% PVC Transparent plastic tube with 4 sturdy SBR handles

✅ The bag is made of extremely strong plastic with a reinforced wall. The water bag has a user-friendly filling system, so it can be easily filled with the desired weight of water and air.

✅ The 4 different comfortable integrated handles allow all kinds of exercises.

✅ The water bag is sturdy, portable and takes up little space.

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