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Play cool magic tricks and impress your family and friends with the Magic Thumb Lights!


Easy to use and control.

Easily make red lights appear at your fingertips and pass them from hand to hand. They are in your control at all times.

Endless magic tricks.

You will show your hands empty. And these magic lights make a light vanish and reappear from your fingertips.

Next, make it travel from hand to hand. Countless moves are now at your fingertips.

Looks like a real thumb.

This set comes with x2 red Thumb Tip lights. Made to look like a real one.

Each soft plastic thumb tip comes with a built-in battery, switch and a bright red led light.

Impress your friends.

Be the master magician you are meant to be with this Magic Master Thumb!

Get a pair NOW and remember –never reveal your magic secret!


Material: Rubber

Color: Red, Blue, Green, Rainbow

Power Source: Built-in battery (included)

Size: 4.5 x 2 cm


1 pair x Magic Thumb Lights

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