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Celebrate Your Love With This Obsidian Dragon And Phoenix Necklace Set!

Have you found THE ONE, who makes you feel like you deserve to be loved? Somebody who balances your energy and brings out the best in you?

Based on ancient mythology, this exclusive pendant set is the ultimate accessory to celebrate a blissful relationship and lock away any negative energy. Are you the protector Dragon or the inspirational Phoenix? Either way, this couple necklace set is a not-to-be-missed treat.

Symbols Of The Perfect Union

The Dragon and Phoenix are celebrated as the perfect union of two souls who have love, compassion, and warmth for each other. The majestic and powerful dragon symbol is said to perfectly harmonize with the transformational and mystical phoenix. 

Shaped For Balance And Harmony

Each pendant in this hand-crafted black obsidian necklace set has the shape of one half of the Yin and Yang symbol. The Yin and Yang represent interconnectedness in the natural world, and how even seemingly opposite forces can be complementary and beneficial for the other.

Designed to fit together, these pendants celebrate the unwavering, everlasting love that emerges from a balance between two personas that complement each other. Get it as an anniversary gift or thank your partner for the things he/she does for you; this Yin and Yang set won’t go wrong.

Made With Natural Obsidian

The exquisite Dragon and Phoenix shapes are carved from natural black obsidian, a beautiful natural stone said to shield its wearer from bad energy. The finely polished obsidian base looks glossy and elegant, proving to be your statement jewelry article. The chains are made from sturdy nylon rope, which doesn’t lose its shine and stays with you forever, untarnished and beautiful.

A Thoughtful Gift For Your Beloved

Wyvern’s Hoard brings the most exclusive, hand-crafted articles to your doorstep. Each one of these jewelry articles relays elegance, exclusivity, and compassion. From high-end crafting to the final finishing, this Black Obsidian necklace set is nothing short of perfection.

Thank your better-half for their compassion or commemorate a life-long friendship with these Dragon and Phoenix pendants; they’ll feel blessed to be loved by you!

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