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The Amazing Status Dicer set includes:

1 x Original Dicer Base

2 x Polycarbonate Storage Containers

2 x Dicing Blades in 2 different sizes (big and small)

The Status Innovation Dicer is the ideal kitchen product for delicious salads, soups, salsas and much more! The Dicer effortlessly dices, chops and juliennes even the toughest of vegetables. This amazing dicer is easy to clean, even after the messiest of kitchen tasks. Safe, speedy and hygienic, the Status Dicer is an incredibly versatile everyday kitchen

The Original Food Dicer

– Easy to use:

With only one move, your dicer cuts food into even sized pieces. Only a small amount of assembly is needed. Your Status Dicer is ready to go!

– Multi Uses:

Designed for dicing: onions, potatoes, cucumbers, courgettes, carrots, peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, strawberries, apples. The Dicer effortlessly dices, chops and juliennes even the toughest of vegetables.

– Hygienic:

Leaves no lasting odours and very easy to clean, even after the messiest of tasks. Dishwasher Safe. Your food container is perfect to store food away; and the simple way of cleaning helps keep your kitchen clean and tidy. The Dicer disassembles completely for thorough cleaning. BPA free and 100% food safe.

– Useful Tips:

Clean all parts before initial use.

Wet the blades under cold water before every use.

When finely dicing your tougher skinned vegetables, always make sure the outer skins are on the base – so the last thing the blades go through are the skins.

– Variety

Comes in a variety of colours: Green, White, Blue and Purple. A variety of colours to match your kitchen! It also comes with a range of accessories, including 2 storage containers, a cutting base and 2 blades. You can now also purchase the Mini Dicer


Place the peeled and halved onions or any other vegetable inside the cutter with the cut surface facing down.

Place one hand on the transparent container and the other on the free surface of the top part

Press the cutting sieve down.

The onion halves are finely diced.

It’s easy to cut if you use the right technique: place your stronger hand on the transparent container and press the top part down using your weaker hand.

This saves you time and energy!


Always clean the onion cutter before using it for the first time. All of the parts can be cleaned with hot, soapy water or in the dishwasher.

Remove the transparent container by turning to unlock. Separate the top from the bottom by lifting the top piece straight up at a 90° angle and pull up.

Take hold of the bottom part so that the underside is facing up. Push the 2 black clips inwards (you will hear a click).

Turn the bottom over and press the round disc through the grid using your thumbs. This results in a thorough cleaning of the grid and the disc.

Completely remove the round insert.

Place in dishwasher or clean with hot, soapy water.

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