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Want to stop your cat from completely shredding your furniture to bits?

If your cat is wreaking havoc on your home furniture then you need a good cat scratcher to encourage your cat not to scratch furniture. 

Here’s a totally unique cat scratcher that both you and your cat will love! Introducing the SCRATCH PULLER. With this scratcher, you can satisfy all your cat’s scratching urges and prevent any damage to your furniture.

It is the partner that will release your cat’s boredom so that scratching furniture and other things at home will be prevented.

It is an attractive and functional scratching surface for cats. Made with woven sisal rope wrapped around a sturdy sphere with a wood stand, this scratcher gives the kitty plenty of surfaces to dig her claws into. 

Designed with your cat in mind, the SCRATCH PAWLLER also promotes healthy nail growth, toning muscles, and alleviating stress. 

The SCRATCH PAWLLER is not only good for your cat’s scratching needs – but it will also benefit your cat overall as it allows your feline friend to be able to effectively exercise, easily and safely, and stimulate their mind. This fun & interactive toy can entertain even the laziest cat.

With the SCRATCH PAWLLER, you can be guaranteed your cat will grow active, and healthy.


✅  KEEP YOUR CATS HAPPY: The balls roll as your cats scratch making it fun to play with as well as it helping them to scratch.

✅  SAVES YOUR FURNITURE: If you place a scratch post next to furniture, sometimes cats mistakenly recognize it as part of the furniture. By placing Scratch Pawler, you can avoid your favorite furniture being scratched.c

✅  EASY TO ASSEMBLE: Scratch Pawler will not come assembled. However, it is extremely easy to put together and it will come with the tools necessary to assemble.

✅  CHOOSE FROM DIFFERENT STAND: Scratch Pawler comes in 2 different stand types L, V, and Cat shaped. Choose based on your design preference. Cat shape is slightly bigger and sturdier.


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