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Organize your food weapons!

It is impossible to store knives with different sizes in a traditional knife holder well our professional organizer makes that possible because it can hold almost all types of knives safely at its depot.

This holder has an innovative flexible material at its bay which holds your knife perfectly without sliding and you can pull them out easily without causing any scraping or wearing away.

Keeps it Sharp: 
The flexible layer has a slot for a firm elasticity plate that protects the blade keeping it sharp, dry, and shiny.
Innovative Design: 
The knives inside the holder will never slide off due to the flexible rubber intact layer making the inserting and pulling out way easier.

Wash all Together: 
Once you place all your knives you can easily wash them by dropping water in the drain holes at the bottom to remove all the dirt.

Compact and Organized: 
Able to hold all types of knives with different sizes saves a lot of drawer space and makes your kitchen clean.


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