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As a gift for your loved ones who may love gardening, this limited stock Self-Watering Bird Glass Bulbs will be perfect!

Self-Watering Plant Glass Bulbs can supply water for a month continuously, even if forget to water or go out to travel also need not worry about plants dry.

These self-watering bulbs look classy in the garden yet provide great help to your plants when you’re away on vacation. They know exactly how much water your plants will need and add an elegant decoration to your backyard!

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 Main Features:

Self-watering globe bulbs eliminate the need to worry about leaving your plants unattended

Holds enough water for up to 1 week, results may vary due to soil or plant types

Easy to use. Simply fill the globe and insert it into the soil

Made from premium glass, perfect for houseplants

Best for vacation plant watering

Volume: 6oz /180ml

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Product Size Length 8.6inch /22cm 
Product Weight 3.5oz /100g
Package Component 1 x self-watering bulbs

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