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Ready to have some fun at your next party? Add a little something to a special drink

520 Carat Jewel ICE: Amazingly CLEAR, DENSE & BEAUTIFUL by Jewel ...
These Ice Molds are 100% food-grade silicone and BPA free silicone

SUITABLE FOR MANY PLACES AND DRINKS: Great for bars, beaches, house parties, restaurants. holiday gifts and holiday events.

Perfect for cocktails, whiskey wine, and any other drinks.

..NOT JUST FOR ICE! OTHER APPLICATIONS: Ice cubes, ice cream, biscuits, puddings, cakes, mousse, jelly, chocolate, etc.

The upper hemisphere is made of silica gel, while the lower hemisphere is made of ABS, which makes it easy to de-mold.

Silica gel is flexible and can be kneaded easily without deformation, Repeated twisting, stretch durable, easy to clean.

Non-stick design, easy to release – separating ice from the mold isn’t a tough job anymore.

Unlike the traditional stiff plastic trays, these molds are easily removable that anyone can remove or release the ice cubes from the mold with ease.

Just twist the mold, and you’ll have the chilled drink.

Slower melting & long cooling: Our large ice balls and cubes melt slower than your average ice cube, allowing you a more flavorful drink experience.

Stop watering down your favorite drinks & Start using our giant ice balls design.

The base is stable and the four corners are balanced, Reinforced four-angle design, freezing, balance the mold, not inclined.


Style: Skull, Diamond, and Circular 

Circular Size: 5cm

Skull Size: 3.9cm

Diamond Size: 5cm

Material: Consumption of silica gel+ ABS

Package Include:

1 x Silicone Ice Mold

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