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Prepare multiple Rubik’s Cubes so that several children can play with their parents

It is suitable for the whole family to play together, and the whole family has a puzzle competition, as shown in the picture belowπŸ‘ͺπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

πŸ‘€πŸ§ Suitable for children, office workers who need to relax, or family members who are addicted to mobile phones

🎁DESIGN: Features bright colors and stylish designs, your kids will love this pop beautifully designed double-sided sensory toys. This is a two-in-one decompression game, which can be a fidget spinner toy or a jigsaw puzzle. The middle can be rotated 360 degrees, and then find a way to match the color of the beads correctly. If you want a little more difficulty, you can mix and match the colors of the double layer and six sides, and match the beads of the same color.

🎁Stress Relief Toys: A creative and stylish sensory toy, that both children and adults can play, it is very fun, it can exercise hand-eye coordination, spatial thinking and logical thinking, and improve problem solving through concentration and thinking Ability. This toy is great for stress and anxiety relief, giving your restless mind a stop, an educational ball game for adults and kids. Suitable for restlessness, anxiety, concentration, ADHD, autism, etc.,

🎁PERFECT GIFT:Β A fun gift for kids, teens, students, friends, etc. to quiet, play and enjoy in your free time. Small size, suitable for many occasions, office, home. Exercise children’s logical thinking ability and improve children’s problem-solving ability. Great for kids with ADHD and autism, but also for adults to relieve stress and anxiety, put down the device, and enjoy the game together.

🎁High quality Material: This jigsaw ball fidgeting sensory toy is made of high quality safety ABS material Made, safe, non-toxic, good quality, multi-functional, anti-fall, can be used for a long time, children and adults can rest assured use, let you play at ease. Tips: During use, you can push forward only when the bead is rotated to the correct position, if it is not stuck in the exact position and push vigorously, be careful that the bead will fall out.

🎁Reason for choosing: You will get a beautifully designed, beautiful and fun 2-in-1 toy, if you have any questions, you can contact us, we will give you a satisfactory answer, customer satisfaction is not a choice, but a guarantee.

🎁Preschool Education Puzzle Toy

Game introduction:
1.Restore the scrambled beads through the center rotating disc
2.By rotating the bar, the beads on both sides of the front and back are alternately changed

Cultivate Spatial Imagination

This Cube can be rotated to scramble color combinations and then restored. Itβ€˜s a great gift for autistic children.

Developing Exercise Logic

Autism sensory toys:2-in-1 puzzle game,that can be used as a fidget spinner for kids or as a jigsaw puzzle for toddler.

Relaxed For Release Stress

Stress relief toys are not only for autistic and anxious children, adults can also use it to divert attention and relieve stress.

The funny mini fidget toy help you relieve stress and restore the mood.
Easy to Carry Anywhere,Durable and Portable.

Package includes:
1 x Six-sided rotating fingertip Rubik’s Cube

Color : Blue/Pink/Orange.
Material: ABS.
Size: 4.2x 4.2 x 1.2 inches.

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