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Do you still have trouble in doing some wire connecting job?

Find it hard to deal with? 

Don’t worry, our¬†durable, reliable,¬†Waterproof Solder Wire Connectors¬† will be here to make your work easy and well done!

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Repair And Protect Wires Easier And More Effectively With This Solder Wire Connector!

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This connector works better, is easier to use, and last longer than electric tape. 

This waterproof connector set includes 4 sizes of wire connectors to fit most types of wiring.

With its high-durability, it can protect your wires from weather-damages, force, and even pests.

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Product Features:

Wide Application¬†–¬†Can be ideal use in marine and automobile applications

Easy to Use¬†–¬†No need to crimp, just heat then complete.¬†An¬†easy one step¬†connection of wires, soldered, insulated and sealed

Fantastic Design¬†–¬†Dual-walled design ensures waterproof seal and prevents wire corrosion.

Outside polyolefin tubing provides insulation and improves pullout strength;

Hot melt adhesive & solder inside ensures wires tightly connected and avoids wires slipping out of the terminal.

Convenient¬†–¬†Specific color for specific size, easy to identify and pick up for use.

Transparent sleeve provides precise inspection when strip and insert wires inside

How to Use:

Prepare wires

Select correct heat shrinkable butt connector

Strain the wires and fix it into the prefluxed solder sleeve

Evenly heat the connector by heat gun until absolutely melted and fully recovered

Remove the connector from heat gun and wait it cooled

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Material: Tinned copper

Colors & Size: 

White Connectors (26-24 AWG) 
Red Connectors (22-18 AWG) 
Blue Connectors (16-14 AWG) 
Yellow Connectors (12-10 AWG) 

Package Includes:

50 x Waterproof Solder Wire Connectors

This unit is secured and allows you to use electrical tape to prevent the splice connections from being pulled apart.

Moreover, you can also trim off the zip’s excess and tie the ends with a pair of scissors.

Besides, it is an inexpensive and safe way to connect an existing wire to a new wire.

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