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Experience a pump like never before without back ache!

The blaster keeps your arms in a fixed position against your trunk, promoting proper form while also isolating the biceps.

Is designed to isolate biceps during heavy curls, taking the strain off the shoulders,

reducing momentum to ensure the biceps take on all the weight to maximise effort and build bigger biceps during weight training.

Get that massive pump!💪

The bicep pump you’ll get from performing 2-3 exercises with the Ultimate Heavy Duty Biceps Isolator is unlike any pump experienced before. 

Your biceps will look massive and feel as if they’re about to pop! This is due to the combination of strict form and full muscle contraction. 

You won’t be ego lifting!

The blaster will ensure you check your ego at the door and not try to lift as heavy as possible avoiding damage to your spine or joints.

 If you’ve selected weight that is too heavy, as soon as you have put it on and attempt to curl your dumbbells, you’ll see that they’re not moving far at all.

If the weight is too heavy and you’re using the Ultimate Heavy Duty Biceps Isolator, that weight ain’t going anywhere. 

This will remind you to choose a weight that you can curl with strict form from the bottom of the motion.

Promotes proper form with the posture-support technology

The blaster keeps your arms in a fixed position against your trunk, promoting proper form while also isolating the biceps.

It maximizes the strength-building benefits of bicep curls to give you that massive pump.

Our Ultimate Heavy Duty Biceps Isolator for biceps is the ideal tool for weight lifting and bodybuilding.

The blaster body supports your elbows, enabling you to keep the correct posture during curls and tricep exercises.

While curling users will immediately notice proper bicep isolation. Instantly enhance your bicep curls and build lean, big muscle.

Performance-enhancing design!

The Ultimate Heavy Duty Biceps Isolator is the best big arms blaster for serious weight lifting. 

There is a heavy metal clip buckle, which keeps the belt secure and fits any sized body. It is designed to worn around the neck when performing bicep curls. Our blaster eliminates discomfort as a result of the neck strap padding. Proper form is promoted and at the same time isolating the biceps to their fullest.

 This maximizes strength-building benefits of the workout.

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